Services & Amenities

I am at your service

People come to 1451 Renaissance Place to treat themselves and their guests to a unique, elegant experience. We are singularly focused on making sure your expectations are exceeded.

1451 Renaissance Place hosts only one event at a time, so the building and the staff is all yours for the duration.  You have our undivided attention.

In addition, 1451 Renaissance Place offers a complete list of services and amenities. From the dance floor where you take your first turn as married couple, to the sound system for the toast.

  • Experienced, dedicated Staff
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Free Parking
  • Custom LED Lighting to match your décor
  • Dance Floor
  • Sound System
  • Caterer’s Kitchen (bring your own professional caterer!)
  • Wireless Internet
  • Private Dressing Rooms
  • Free Vendor Set-up & Tear-down time
  • Among other services and amenities!

Private Facility

The day of your event, the building and staff are yours and yours alone. No other parties waiting for you to leave. No noise from neighboring events. No unwanted guests. Our single focus is you.

Full-service Professional Staff

From your first planning meeting to the last dance, our staff is here to make your gathering unforgettable. Before your event they will be a resource – there to guide you as the decisions are being made.  On the day of your celebration, they will be there to coordinate vendors and onsite managers, check coats, set place cards, menus or programs, guide parking upon arrival and secure gifts.  No detail - large or small – is overlooked.

Full Bar and Bartenders

To help you and your guests get into the spirit of the occasion, a full complement of top-shelf brands are served by skilled, professional mixologists. Servers can pass champagne or wine for a toast, offer cordials after dinner or serve a signature drink selected by you.

Complete Facility

From an early ceremony or meeting to a reception lasting into the night, everything your event demands is here - a spacious dance floor, dressing rooms to get ready or prepare a presentation, a kitchen to accommodate your caterer, wireless Internet, custom LED lighting to enhance or match your décor, an elevator to provide full access and free parking for your guests’ convenience.

Architectural Highlights

In a city of historic buildings, 1451 Renaissance Place stands out as a jewel of gracious turn-of-the-century architecture. From the four-story vaulted ceiling to the two working fireplaces, the building can be grand or intimate, contemporary or traditional. The leaded-glass windows and artisanal plaster work transport you back in time, while the back hallways and staircases provide the opportunity to steal away for a moment. It’s as if the building was constructed just for you.

Other Necessities

Everything from tables and chairs for 300 guests, to a dance floor and audio/visual equipment is at your disposal. And, if we don’t have it, we are happy to make arrangements to get it.
Every accommodation can be made. Every last detail is accounted for.
We will take care of everything to make sure you enjoy yourself as much as your guests! 
"1451 Renaissance Place made our wedding a dream day!"

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